Why Buying Branded Mixes is a Terrible Idea...

Why Buying Branded Mixes is a Terrible Idea...

Have you ever thought why vendors sell recycled balls in mixes by brand? Why if Brooks Koepka plays Srixon or Rory McIlroy plays Taylormade you should be careful about doing the same? This article is going to explain away all of that and more.

Not all balls are created equal.

Golf balls have a range of qualities that make them suitable (or unsuitable) to a range of quality of player. Whether it is feel, control, swing speed, there is a ball out there for everyone. But how can you tell which to choose?

Golf balls producers sell balls to maximise their profits. They do this by competing for customers in every segment of the market, from the tour player to the beginner they want to make a ball that will cover all the selling points and above all price.

Try our quiz to see which ball you should be playing based on your golf course goals and swing. 

When it comes to certain segments, the balls are relatively homogenous (at least to the common golfer). When you look across segments, performance can vary wildly.

The Srixon offerings

AFTB analysed performance of hundreds of golf balls, and their results across different swing speeds. These are the results for the Srixon Q-Star Tour, Srixon Z-Star, Srixon Z-star Diamond and Srixon Z-Star XV, for a golfer hitting driver with a slow and smooth swing.


Although the distance off the tee is significantly lower, the spin rate is too. This comes from the lower compression and 2, rather than 3, inner layers. If this golfer is trying to keep it in the fairway, then the Q-star is going to serve them much better than any of the Z-star offerings.

If you like playing with the Srixon Q-star, then you should steer away from the Srixon tour balls. Meanwhile, Taylormade tour response, Callaway Supersoft and Wilson Duo Soft are much more similar balls that will help you score lower.

If you want to improve your scoring without breaking the bank. AFTB offers smart mixes that suit your game. Balls that will be consistent each time you tee it up. Think less.

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